Quebecer with close ties to Hells Angels killed in Mexico

Quebecer with close ties to Hells Angels killed in Mexico

Quebecer with close ties to Hells Angels killed in Mexico

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A 37-year-old man with close ties to the Hells Angels in Quebec was gunned down in Mexico on Wednesday.

Two Mexican media websites reported that Samy Tamouro was killed at a gym in Cancun. Tamouro was charged in 2016 after a drug trafficker arrested in Project Magot-Mastiff turned informant and provided evidence linking Tamouro to Hells Angels based in Quebec.

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One website reporting on the homicide showed a photo of what appeared to be Tamouro’s Quebec driver’s licence.

According to La Presse, Tamouro also has ties to Frédérick Silva, the hit man who became an informant during the summer of 2022. Last week, the Sûreté du Québec and Montreal police carried out a series of search warrants based on an ongoing investigation that started after Silva became an informant.

Police sources have told the Montreal Gazette in recent months that some well-known organized crime figures left Quebec after Silva was taken away from a federal penitentiary by helicopter and placed under police protection.

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The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Quintana Roo posted a series of messages on X, formerly Twitter, about the homicide. In one, the office wrote that it has “opened an investigation after the events that occurred in a shopping centre in the municipality of Benito Juárez, resulting in a foreign person losing his life as a result of an assault with a firearm.”

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It is an apparent reference to how Tamouro pleaded guilty in 2017, at the Montreal courthouse, to a gangsterism charge and being in possession of the proceeds of crime. The charges were based on information provided by the man who became an informant following his arrest in Magot-Mastiff in 2015.

Tamouro was sentenced to an 18-month prison term.

The drug trafficker who turned informant in Project Magot-Mastiff, an investigation into how the Montreal Mafia, Hells Angels and some street gang leaders agreed to work together to sell drugs like cocaine before arrests were made in 2015, said he began working with Tamouro in 2010.

The informant testified in court in a case brought against Hells Angels leader Salvatore Cazzetta. The informant described himself as an accountant who ran a small drug trafficking network in Montreal. He said Tamouro was introduced to the group as someone who made sure the network always had “employees,” a euphemism for street-level dealers.

“It was certain we were going to grow, because we had more employees,” the informant said, adding Tamouro, who went by the nickname “Soulier,” was a good man to have on board because he previously sold drugs in Rosemont and was well connected.

It was through those connections, the informant said, that the network teamed up with another group that included the son of a full-patch member of the Hells Angels. Within a year of working together, the informant said, they were moving three kilos of cocaine per month in three different parts of Montreal. The cocaine was alleged to have been supplied to the network by a member of the Hells Angels

The informant also testified that Tamouro was once a member of the Dark Souls, a Hells Angels support gang.

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